Car Covers in the Wet and Cold Weather

Hello again, time for another article about car covers. This week we will talk about the wet weather and how your car cover handles it. I live in Northern Arizona and we have been getting a lot of rain this year during the monsoon season. I have a waterproof cover for my Jeep and when it rains there is some moisture under it, I thought it was waterproof and it is, the moisture I’m seeing is condensation from the temperature change when the rainy weather come blowing in. Even though I live in Northern Arizona the day time temps can get up there around 102 degrees some days. And when the rainy weather come the temps will drop by 20 to 30 degrees and this can cause condensation to form under the cover. So it may look as if the cover is leaking but it’s not, if you give it some time after the rain has stopped and things start to dry out the cover is made to breath and this will wick away the condensation from under the cover. If you have a rain storm and the cover is wet and the day turns to night you will defiantly have condensation under the cover in the morning. The drop in temps will cause this to happen and if you can leave the cover on you will find it will dry out underneath in just a little while. If you live in parts of the country that gets very cold like below freezing you may find your cover stuck to the vehicle, this happens when during the day the sun warms up your vehicles finish and causes condensation to form under the cover and as the temps fall below freezing the cover freezes to your vehicles finish. If you have time to let the cover warm up it will come off your vehicle with out hurting the cover. But if you need to get the cover off right now we suggest pouring hot water on the cover to help it release from the finish. If you try to force the cover off you will damage it and it may lose it’s waterproofing capabilities.

There are two different types or waterproof covers, first there is the water resistant cover, this cover isn’t waterproof but it will help stop some of the water from getting underneath the cover and still will breath to help dry out after the storm. The true waterproof cover is 100% waterproof meaning that no water can get under the cover, but you will see condensation under it so don’t think it is leaking because it’s not. It also can breath and will dry out after just a little time. I get this question a lot about waterproof covers and they always think it’s leaking, so then I have to explain about the condensation factor. These water resistant and waterproof covers are also mildew and mold resistant and UV treated to stand up in all kinds of weather. When your cover gets wet you should try to dry it out before you fold it up or stuff it in the storage bag, this will help it to last longer and to maintain the waterproof treatment as well as the mold and UV treatment. We suggest if you can to leave the cover on the car until it is dry or if you must take it off wet, to lay it out unfolded so it can dry before storing it away.

The Amazing Roll Up Car Cover


The Roll Up car cover is made from micro weave taffeta, together with seven layers of polyurethane. This enables the cover to repel high pressures of water that come pouring down from the skies. It will also be able to keep the car dry when you clean the cover over with a hose whilst on the car. The micro technology in the cover will withstand the pressure and still keep the car waterproof. Whilst completely waterproof, the Roll up car cover is also made from breathable material. The car has a chance to breath and sweat whilst covered, as air and moisture are allowed out through the material. Simultaneously though, they are denied access in, so the car will always remain fresh and dry. Roll Up camaro car cover will create an impenetrable barrier between ultra violet rays and your car. The rays will simply be reflected away from the car, and will not be able to cause any harm whatsoever. This ensures that both the interior and exterior of your car are kept in good condition and the dashboard will neither be exposed to the extreme heat of the sun. The cover will also protect the car from ugly bird dropping stains, tree sap, and dust. These are real nuisances and cause untold damage to your car with their staining. Having a Roll Up cover will save you lots of money, as you will not have the constant need for cleaning, waxing and polishing your car. These $5 here and there add up, and before you know it you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on the upkeep of your car alone.

The most amazing feature of the Roll Up cover however, lies in the time saved from it. It will be able to cover your car, truck or SUV, from bumper to bumper, in just 60 seconds. In no time at all, you and your car are completely covered and protected from everything. Then when it’s time to put it away, it takes the grand total of 15 seconds! This is all done by a specialised, snag free technology, with a drum roll that rolls up the cover at the turn of a crank. The cover is rolled out and rolled up at high speeds, of up to 100 RPMs, all with the crank. Life couldn’t be simpler! Speedy and portable, the Roll Up car cover can be taken around with you wherever you go. When not in use, the cover is rolled up so compact that it tucks away in a corner. This allows you to pack it along with your travels, so that you are never left exposed to the detriments of nature. Hi everybody these articles have been about sharing information on covers, from the simple car cover to the large RV covers. And it’s that time of year to stop and thank all the people that have helped our websites do so well. Now that we have said our thank you we need to carry on with the cover information highway. This time of year there are more then a few good reasons to purchase a cover for your vehicles and RVs. Just look outside and what do you see? If you are in the Eastern part of this country you probably see snow and ice. If your from the Midwest you will be looking at either snow or rainy conditions, then there is the Southwest part of this great country and yes the sun is still shining bright there. If you are from this part of the country count yourself as one of the lucky ones. There are covers for both vehicles and RVs that are made just for the intense sun UV rays. This material will stand up to the sun much better than any other cover material in the Southern part of our country. It is white to reflect the sun and help keep your vehicle or RV cool on the inside. There are covers made for you in mind.

First the 3 layer waterproof cover will provide great protection from snow, ice, rain, damp conditions and long periods of seasonal storage. This cover is made with three layers the first layer is made of a durable material the middle layer is a waterproof but breathable material and the third layer is a protective material. This cover is an excellent cover for the cooler and wet parts of this country and others. Then there’s the four layer covers they have all the properties that a three layer cover has plus a fourth inside layer of fleece, this fleece will protect your clear coat finish on your show cars, brand new vehicles and any type of car, truck,SUV, van or station wagon you want to give that little extra love to. Well I think there are many good reasons to cover your vehicles both in the Winter months and Summer months and that is to protect your investment. At the price we are paying for our vehicles and RVs you need to protect them from the normal day to day nicks and scratches as well as environmental exposure from acid rain to bird droppings that can fade your paints finish. I, like everyone, wanted to buy a car cover for my car. And I, like everyone wanted a good one, without having to spend a lot. So I did my research and found that car covers and expensive are not synonymous. In fact there are plenty of cheap, reasonably priced car covers on the market. To begin with, you do not need a fancy cover. Let’s be honest, it’s the car we want to protect not the cover, and therefore as long as the car is in good hands, who really cares what the cover looks like. I don’t mean to say that any old, moulding rag will do the trick, but quite frankly, fancy designs are not necessary. I certainly do not mind what colour and shade my cover is as long as it covers my car, and protects it from nature’s harsh elements.

So instead of looking into the more expensive range of custom car cover, I looked at the universal covers. A universal cover will fit any car, however big or small it is. This seemed perfect for me as my spouse and I could easily share the cover between our cars. This would save us money as we wouldn’t have to buy two covers (we have a garage, so one could be parked on the street, whilst the other is inside). It also means that if I were to buy a new car, I wouldn’t have the added expense of a new car cover as well. Family and friends benefit too as they could easily borrow the cover and be protected too. My universal cover is an all weather cover, which means that it will be able to protect the car from the various weather conditions. The cover is waterproof, ultra-violet resistant, and even acts as a bumper shield against any knocks and bangs so that the car doesn’t get scratched and dented whilst covered. I will admit, some of my neighbours have very chic looking car covers. Their custom covers have logos on the front, mirror pocket, and do add a touch of class. But when all is said and done, we both pull off our covers in the morning, and both cars have been equally protected. Neither car has seen the raging weather that was over night, and both look just as clean and shiny. So why, I ask myself, is it necessary to spend so much on a fancy looking cover?! I think I am even better off than my neighbours. Aside from having saved myself a pretty penny, I also don’t need to worry about what the weather is doing to my cover. My poor neighbourskeep having to wash and clean their cover. Having spent so much on making sure the cover looks handsome, they’re busy maintaining it to be so. To me this just seems pointless. The cover was supposed to be there as a practical way of keeping your car clean and saving you the time and effort in doing so!

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